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    search feature

    no doubt that AO has many many important articals stored in its archives , but the search feature is quite frankly "sucks" may be we need to put relevant topics first than the irrealvent one's

    recently i looked up for installing free bsd i could not find any proper documentation for it on the first page .but on looking on the third or fourth page i found gore's tutorial on free BSD . i mean there should be some relevance should it?

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    Learn how to use the search feature ... you can look for keyworkd only in thread titles (why it's imporatnt that people name their threads properly) or search the whole thread...

    on the first page, you just need to know what keyworkd to use buddy !
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    Not only that, but if you were looking for a documentation or some papers on FreeBSD or something, you should have tried using the Tutorial Index provided by Negative. It work's very well at finding specific criteria for you in your search and that's probably what you should have used in search of papers/documentation.

    The link to Negative's Tutorial Index is
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