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Thread: Mouse Restarting Explorer

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    Mouse Restarting Explorer

    When i pushing on right boot on my computer Explorer restarting

    it hapend efter i installed stocona av and adinf32 av

    now i have uninstalled all av's and fw's from my laptop

    but it doesnt help

    ===My OS===
    win xp home sp1
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    Re: Mouse Restarting Explorer

    Originally posted here by MrBabis
    When i pushing on right boot on my computer Explorer restarting

    it hapend efter i installed stocona av and adinf32 av
    Que? I didn't understand any of it?!?
    Please use more words to describe your problem.
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    Pressing the little X button on the top right of internet explorer may cause the programme to close.

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    If you didnt understand a word from the quote above you can feel how hard is trying to decipher your post, Mr babis. Could you rewrite it in a better way?
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    First thing to do is go into your mouse setup and see what the buttons and wheel are set to do.

    I see you have been installing and uninstalling software. Some application will take over such things as the right mose and scrollwheel button functions.............for example right mouse click on a file and you get the option to scan it for viruses.

    just a thought

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    i believe your saying that when you right click on something explorer gives you an error and re-starts or needs to be re-started.

    if thats the case grindler posted a registry fix for this here:

    this is probably caused by a faulty install of the right click "check for virus" feature screwing up the registry BUT seeing two cases of this in two days really makes me paranoid. it might be prudent to do a couple of on line virus scans. probably nothing to worry about as a bad install can cause this... but coincidence.....i dont like that!
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