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Thread: Strange Files path

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    Strange Files path

    hi all

    are these files path normal?

    1-\System Root\system32\smss.exe
    3-\??\c:\windows\system logone\winlogon.exe


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    King Tutorial-ankhamun
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    Jul 2004
    Depends, where are you seeing them? What is the context?

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    hi Irongeek
    i saw them when i used Advanced Administrative Tools the Process Monitor part.
    i tried to ad the path in ٍStart>Run, but i got wrong path message.

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    King Tutorial-ankhamun
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    Jul 2004
    I downloaded the app you are using to do a scan on my XP box. The part that reads "\System Root\" is not referring directly to the path, but to the location windows is installed in (most likely “Windows” or “WINNT”). Some of the process names seem legit (smss.exe and csrss.exe, do a google search to find their function but they seem to be a part of Windows) but I don’t have the running on my system. What OS are you using? “system logone” seems weird to me and may not be normal, I have no idea what it is.

    Change that, smss.exe and csrss.exe are running on my system, they are most likely fine.

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    its winxp pro
    most of the sites refer to them as "This program is important for the stable and secure running of
    your computer and shoul d not be terminated." here an example
    smss.exe csrss.exe
    when i used the AAtools (Advanced Administrative Tools) to terminate the first one smss.exe
    nothing happen.But with the others (csrss.exe,winlogon.exe) the system restart.


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    sorry pipl that i don't took the basic steps 1st.
    i run AD-AwareSEpersonal and its up to date and shows that paths too
    here apart copied from from ad-awarelog
    Listing running processes

    #:1 [smss.exe]
    FilePath : \SystemRoot\System32\
    ProcessID : 360
    ThreadCreationTime : 9-23-2004 10:53:19 PM
    BasePriority : Normal

    #:2 [csrss.exe]
    FilePath : \??\C:\WINDOWS\system32\
    ProcessID : 420
    ThreadCreationTime : 9-23-2004 10:53:22 PM
    BasePriority : Normal

    #:3 [winlogon.exe]
    FilePath : \??\C:\WINDOWS\system32\
    ProcessID : 444
    ThreadCreationTime : 9-23-2004 10:53:24 PM
    BasePriority : High
    and i run HJT. and am going to post it in Spyware/Adware
    thanks for time

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    all normal.. as is your hjt log.. (unless you've disabled things via msconfig prior to running hjt)

    are you having problems or just learning what it's all about ?

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