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Thread: negging a thread

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    negging a thread

    As a result of the last thread that was closed here, and upon a seconding of the motion from another member..I am offering this suggestion. If people have a problem with a thread, and want it closed, they should be able to assign negative antipoints to the overall health of the thread. It's kind of what the antipoints system is designed to do when you assign points to a person, but in some cases, people neg individuals without merit or reason in an attempt to kill a thread they want closed. This damages the integrity of a system that should show an indivual's rating. This rating should reflect what other members think of said individual's ability, knowledge and helpfulness. It should not be used in any manner other than that. Assigning negative points to a person in order to close a thread can effectively ban an undeserving individual. I know there is a "report" button but this touches on the ability to "self moderate" that people are touting.
    So, long story short, add a thread antipoint button, so that people can assign points (positive or negative) to a thread and NOT an undeserving person.
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    i think this would be a good idea, can't wait to see it implemented

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    Hey Hey,

    Glad to see you posted the idea Hog... It's definately a worthwhile suggestion and something that deserves implementation.... Anyways... this post is just to show my support... if it makes any difference.


    I was going to create a seperate thread for this, but it kind fits along with it.. Next to the 'Assign APs to this Thread' button, could we have a Report this thread button. We have a report this post button... but there's no button to report the entire thread... which again in the thread that Hog is refering too would have been very useful.



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    I am going to have to say, that this is a good idea.

    It helps kill the many threads that I will probably start after a while. When someone makes me mad. It will make those threads easier to close.

    Because a little math for you. If a someone with a full set of AP's decides they want to go off, on someone and get atleast 5 people to post to there thread, if they fully pos all those people. I will take a crap load of hits from people to have that thread shut down.

    I know this because I did it in the past.
    I took, a lot of hits to get my thread to go down.
    Way more than any one person can do.

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    I think we should be able to adjust to 500 or 1000% when we neg whizkid2300.
    I'd like to see this implemented.

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    I see merit in the idea. There are indeed times where it's not a particular poster, but the thread just isn't quality. Might not apply just to threads as severe as that last one either -- perhaps discussions that have outlived their usefulness or just don't really offer any real quality. Just a thought.

    *edit* I just got myself thinking witht that last post (there's a scary thought) -- consider this: Perhaps something other than APs per se? Because you have crap threads like that last one, but other times you have decent threads that everyone reaches a conclusion and may agree it's time to close. Then, they could all do something to close it, but maybe something other than negging so it wouldn't have to take on a bad connotation.

    Hmm...Or...We can just all ask Neg and MsM to close it. Also a good idea.

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    I actually would prefer the negging of a thread over the negging of a user. There are times when both are appropriate. In the recent example, JP's post in Site Suggestions, a few people were negged in hopes of getting the thread closed. For some this isn't a big deal but I have found that "mis-negging" or misassigned APs, when promised to be reversed, are often not. And this doesn't add to a person's experience here.

    The ability to identify that a thread itself is bad, especially when it goes off course, would be a good alternative to this kind of behaviour.
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    I'll look into implementing this.

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    Excellent idea hoggy. I'm hoping it get's implemented.

    HTRegz: While reading your post I agreed with you with the exception of one thing -- If you can neg a thread by itself without negging a user, and you see that the thread is THAT bad of a thread that it needs to be reported, chances are it'll be negged into suicide anyways. By the time it get's to the mod's/admin's, it will have been negged into suicide via the self-moderation system of AntiPoints and the new (hopefully) feature of being able to neg the thread itself instead of a user.

    I'm sorry if it's coming across that I'm putting down your idea. I just think it wouldn't be necessary.
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    I see that it has happened already................. A DAMN good idea IMVHO.
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