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Thread: New User on Anti-Online (Does ethical hacking exists through legitamate means?)

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    Fine, you know what specialist? I'm done. You want me gone? You and how many others want me gone? That's fine. I'll stop defending the little guy, the grey hats, the windows students, and grant you your wish.

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    Want you gone? Sorry but to whom are you referring to? Its really hard to tell when your eyes are blood-shot and you are foaming at the mouth. In all honesty, I've never even given you much, if any thought at all intil this thread came up.

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    It's so stupid how threads like this get blown out of proportion. SOme kid just asked for something to do. I gave him a couple of links. Someone else chirps in about reading the FAQ. SS2 made a valid comment then it gets blown way out of proportion. Pooh you should get a script of those chill pills to man. Who cares if a couple of people around here have aproblem with you with this many people there are bound to be some folks that don't like you. I know I have a few.
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    pooh sun tzu - Your comments were taken with much appreciation. Thanks for the encouragement.

    muert0 - Thanks again for the initial response. I understand your perspective on how somtimes foums evolve into an ethical or morally binding battle of words. It is natural. I only accept what I read from others as constructive and forward good intentions.

    All others - I'm not a kid - lol. However I am a student seeking knowledge in this field and I think I found a forum that has met the standards I've been searching for. Regards.

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    too late Poo is gone..
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    That's unfortunate. I was hoping for valid information and intelligent discussion rather then usless giberish and conflicts between users. I hope no one has been offended by what has gone on through this thread so far. Thanks for everyone who has been pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate everyone's insight here so far however do not wish to cause anyone harm or result in anyone being banned. I believe we are all for the same reasons. When I researched this website for my class project I remember reading what Anti-online claimed to be. A community of proffessionals, students and amatures coming together to share knowledge. I hope this hasn't changed. I think were all here for a reason, namley, to share knowledge amongst one another. Is it possible that we can do this in a civil manner? I havn't neccessarily agreed with the responses I've received in this thread. Nevertheless, it is futile to attack the individual causing a feud and defeating the purpose of this site. Everyone has the right to their opinions. None of us have to agree. However, we should be able to communicate here in a fashion that respects ourselves and everyone else.

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    I don't know of any specific sites that are setup to "hack". It's a hard legal issue quite often. That said, doesn't mean you can't setup your own wargames with friends. If you do it over your ISP (assuming you're both on the same ISP) or do it over multiple ISPs, you'll need to deal and consider the legal implications. Most ISPs may not like this and may take it as a violation of their AUP.

    It's for this reason I suggest you do a LAN Wargame night/weekend with friends. Or, ask your school if you can setup something up for an evening. Have a bunch as the "victims" and have a bunch as the "attackers". Avoid using firewalls and routers in your first run; add more complexity as you go (the ability to lock down a system without using a firewall as a crutch initially is a powerful lesson, IMO).

    Click on my Security Tutorials and look for the Wargames tutorials. They'll probably help ya. And if you have questions fire away. My courses have a wargames element in it and I expect my students to actually attack each other for two months (makes for a paranoid class however).
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    Hi Soma, welcome to AO

    Ms Mittens suggestion is the same way I was going to suggest you go. You know, you can always set up a small LAN with a friend, and have he/she set up the OS' and apps etc so you dont know ahead of time what you are going to be dealing with.

    Get creative with the LAN setup (as much as you can afford anyways) and throw different hardware and such into the mix. If your school ok's a "lab", then be creative about that too.
    Keep in mind that while doing the wargaming aginst an internet based sight can be fun, you cant walk over to the server and actually see what the logs etc are showing. By setting up a lab, you get to see both sides of the story, which may help ideas gell together better as you learn.

    You might also consider talking to local admins that might not be against you attempting to hit their boxen, thou most of those a few and far between.

    Of course, these are just suggestions. There are lots and lots of ways to learn

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    Originally posted here by TheSpecialist
    what can I say, your all ass-hats.

    Sorry for the useless post, but I think I almost just ruined my keyboard... that was a totally unexpected comment, and pretty funny given what was being argued about... Not the first time I have seen Pooh go off on people for no reason what so ever..

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