list it gore! lets see what you have under the hood
im poor being i dont have a job yet but this is what i have

xbox running gentoo linux for xbox

512 ddr2700
amd xp 2000
gforce 4 mx 440se w/ 64 ddr
sound blaster audigy with digital output
zip 100
dvd-rw cdrw drives
32 gig raid

2.6 celeron with 256 SDRAM
6gig hdd
2 vodoo2 running together for graphics
cmedia 6 channel sound

dell optiplex Piii 450
4 gig hdd
32meg bultin video
built in sound

mac powerpc 5500/225
3gig hdd

socket 370 with a VIA C3 1ghz
5 gig hdd
built in video
built in sound

P4 2.2 ghz
dual channel pc3200 1gig ram (512x2)
sata raptor hdd
built in sound
built in video

P3 500 gateway solo 9300 laptop
15.1 inch screen
6gig hdd

ps2 with linux

a 486 with 500meg hdd

an apple ][e

enough random parts to make another ghetto yet fully working computer