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Thread: Forum-Building Tools?

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    Question Forum-Building Tools?

    I'm looking to get my own domain soon, and adding a forum to add some interactivity to the site would be a major plus. I would like to set up a discussion forum, but this is foreign territory for me.

    Can anyone suggest what to start looking at? What about freeware vs. paid-for development tools? What are my options? What do you use?

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    phpbb phpbbfm mambo vbulletin phpnuke(sucks) invisiboard(or something)

    I've used phpbb and hacked it up pretty easily, of course that takes some knowledge of php. You will need php installed on your server and also a sql database (mysql is good)

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    What about if I have my website hosted somewhere after purchasing a domain? I can't afford buying my own server presently, unfortunately.

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    Then you will have to make sure that your host lets you have a mysql database, and has php installed. You will also need a frontend for your mysql database, either they will provide you with one, or you can install something like phpmyadmin(keep this updated).

    If they give you a shell, then phpmyadmin isn't necessary. But they rarely give shell access IME.

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    AngelicKnight, I use phpBBFM for Unerror, but I wouldn't suggest you use it. It was full of bugs which I had to patch myself and doesn't have great support. Your best bet is to start with a vanilla phpBB and hack it up yourself. Me and albn will be starting on our own phpBB-based bored soon, so you could use that. ;-)

    Also, I am willing to host you for free, with php, Perl, Python, SSH, FTP, mySQL and anything else you need, plus I'll help you along with whatever. :-)


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    Yea microburn is great for hosting. I would recommend phpBB. But if you have the money Vbulletin is good ive heard.

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    Much thanks for all the input guys.

    Well, I now have my first (and very newb) forum up at

    At least it's a start...very DEAD on traffic so far (hope to change that), but at least I can learn a lot playing with this.

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