General Computer Problem - Template
What is nature of problem? (program freezing/windows not booting/no internet etc)
What Operating System are you running (eg Windows 98, Windows XP etc)
Do you have all critical Updates installed?
If you answered No to last question what was last update you installed?
Do you have an antivirus program?
If yes what program is it?
Also do you keep it updated with latest definitions?
Do you have a firewall?
If yes what type?
Do you have any spy/adware checking programs?
If yes what ones?
Have you scanned your PC with an]online virus scanner[/url]
If yes what were the reults?
How do you connect to the internet? (dial-up, adsl etc)
Are you on a LAN?
If yes what type is it (Home/Business – Wireless etc)
Are you receiving any error messages?
If yes what do they say?
Is there anything which is triggering error (running certain application etc)?
If yes please give details
Do you have any other devices connected? (usb drives/external HD’s/printers etc)
Any other comments?