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Thread: Preventing Ip tracking

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    Preventing Ip tracking

    Given a recent spam attack i recieved I would like to know how to prevent my real Ip address from showingg up when im in games rooms or team speak programs.. I did try search these forums but have not yet seen an answer... Can someone please advise..



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    I'm confused. Exactly how did someone knowing your IP address cause you to get spammed? Did you mean Denial-of-Service attack, and not spam?

    The only way you can prevent a remote host that you're connecting to (such as a "game rooms" whatever those are), from not knowing your real IP address, would be to use some sort of proxy server. There are many low cost commercial proxy services available if you google for them (free ones tend to be short lived, unreliable, or slow).

    Many IRC servers (if that's what you meant by "game rooms") will mask your IP from other users for you when you connect, so this isn't as big of an issue.

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    I think spam means DOS through pm's coming from a private game server he/she/it logged on to.

    Turn off the chat service from the games menu....close the port the chat service connects the game in single player, offline mode?
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