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Thread: Java Problem!!!

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    Java Problem!!!

    I have a question in Java. I am new to this language and i have a big(i think for me it is big) problem.

    If i have a text file with a data record similar to the two lines of text shown below.

    10000001 01.11.199600.00.000001 A1 1 SN

    and i want to pick up all the records whose first two digits are 10 (as
    shown in the first example), what's the best way to do this ?

    Cause its not possible to manually put a delimiter after the first two
    digits in every single record and then scan the file for the first two
    desired digits.
    I want to know about the Java File handling mechanism.

    Please reply.

    Thank you very much.
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    In Psuedocode, it would be something like this (if I am understanding what you are trying to do)

    Get fileName as a string.
    create a new String s = fileName.substring(0,2).
    see if s.matches ("[1][0]").
    if it matches, then do action based on finding a valid filename.

    Or you could do it this way:
    Get fileName as a string.
    Loop from 0 to 1
    See if charat(0) is a 1, if true, then see if charat(1) is a 0.
    If the chars match, then do action based on valid file name.

    Does that help any??

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    I would use the regular expressions package, java.util.regex, construct a regular expression that matches the pattern of what you are looking for, then you split the results using a pattern.split() call and you have everything you need. For a full explanation of the java.util.regex package you can get it from the online api at

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    I should have been more clear before, this package will do all of the work of a char at and all that and at the same time give you something that can possibly be reused.


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