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Thread: Help im infected

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    Help im infected

    ok I had a family member stay here for some time and when they whent i noticed that i had a virus

    ok i scaned with av but it deosnt work the virus already did its job now i have to clean up

    this is what i know about the virus

    1 It copied the name of every file and folder and made a file like this for example

    before: infected.jpg After infected.jpg.hello

    it put hello at the end of the files it made

    now it did this for every file and folder in my computer (i have thousands of files )

    how do i clean this up

    ps I have another prolem in the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Vbox\Licenses I cant delete any of the .hello files there because its supposedilly being used

    please help me please please please

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    Try running through this and get back to us if there is still a problem:

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    lol rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr **** Finnally i deleted the file

    ok listen to what im doing (tell me if this is good or not)

    I am useing a program used to clean temp. files (you know those programs that clean junk)
    and i whent into options and added *.hello And unchecked all the othere files and So far Its Found 80789 files with .hell man thats alot (made me realize how many files I have) I havnt tried to delete it yet because its still scannig I will get bet to you ounce it has finnished.

    ps. Sorry for pissing you off about the bettle i Dont know what was wrong with me that day I was Supppper Hyper and Got into alot of trouble that day and I like the new avator

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    Well, whatever you do don't delete all the .hello files.

    I am useing a program used to clean temp. files (you know those programs that clean junk)
    What program is this? Did you run through the document I posted yet?

    Usually those "Optimizer" programs are bogus, like stopsign and others... if it's advertised in a popup, it's bogus (rule of thumb).

    So... Did you do the things listed in that document yet? It's like the nuclear bomb of malware removal.

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    Did you figure out which virus you were infected with? If so, then follow any AV's directions on how to remove.

    If you don't figure out which one you've been infected with... I'd cut my losses... backup important data and format/reload. But that is just me. You DO keep backups, right?
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    You better make sure you got rid of the virus it self before doing any of that, or else you are just wasting your time... that doc that was posted above is good stuff. but if you have backups Id just go for the nuke and pave deal. so much less time consuming...
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