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Thread: Operating system

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    Operating system

    Which is the best operating system for any need

    for everything


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    Well that is a pretty open ended question. Here are the best OS's that I use.
    WinXP Home
    WinXP Pro

    And I use these live-cds.
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    Mohsin..............I suspect that you are talking PC/PC server, I will restrict myself.

    Windows.................go for Win2000

    Now XP is fine, and I quite like it, but not as classical as Win 2000. Obviously we are talking a commercial and not a gaming environment here

    I am old fashioned, so like NT4 and Win2000 in a commercial environment and Win98SE for home gaming (Yes I have ME and without problems, but you need that on a powerful machine....I prefer Win2000 at home as well, but not for gaming)

    Linux is a completely different question........I asked myself:

    "What would my Grandmother use, straight out of the box?".............I am experimenting with Linspire........otherwise it is Solaris.................but that is commercial stuff.

    Just a few opinions/experiences

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    IMO, any Linux system and Win2000. Those are probably your best choices, but you should be more specific concerning your direct needs.
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    Server (ALL):

    Free BSD, Slackware Linux, SUSE Linux, and even though I'll never admit it: RedHat Linux

    End user with NO computer experience:

    SUSE Linux. No viruses, worms, or spyware, and the firewall is the best.

    Production use in Enterprise:

    Slackware Linux, Free BSD, SUSE Linux

    Server side of Production:

    Slackware, SUSE, Free BSD, Solaris

    Home network servers:

    SUSE Linux, Free BSD, Open BSD, Slackware

    Home user, Multimedia machine:

    Mac OS X, Windows XP, SUSE Linux, Free BSD, Slackware Linux


    SUSE Linux, SLackware, Free BSD, Open BSD, Net BSD, Gentoo (Don't ever remind me I said that ) YOPER, Debian, Windows 2000, Solaris, DOS

    Small Business:

    Slackware Linux, Free BSD, SUSE

    Small Business Workstation:

    Free BSD, Slackware Linux, SUSE, Mandrake Linux

    Medium sized Business:

    Slackware Linux (With Swaret.... Big companies and small business people have usually competent people, but Medium sized Business people think MCSE actually means something), SUSE, Free BSD

    Gaming machine:

    Windows 98 SE


    The XP version fo Windows can't handle older games, and if you want too still play them, you need 98 or an Emulator.

    You for asking this question :



    Ever since someone thought to come up with the idea of an OS, the reason has been varied, and no OS is better at one thing over the other....Except for my typical UNIX arrogance suggesting the best OS being something based on UNIX, or UNIX Like. Solaris, Linux and BSD are the best and you won't make me think otherwise.

    All OSs were made for a reason, and mostly this is opinion, but there are some areas where saying it's an opinion is just bullshit. You wouldn't use BeOS for a server for production use and that's that. And you wouldn't run DOS 360 on a workstation, because well, it doesn't exist anymore.

    Now, for flexibility, UNIX is where it's at.

    On a Desktop, I recommend SUSE Linux or Slackware, they have a lot of tools to use.

    You'll notice I didn't recommend Windows at all. The reason for this all? Well , Windows, everyone knows, and it doesn't need reccomendations, so I didn't. For a server, it does NOT belong on there. Don't listen to anyone who uses Windows as a server in a heavy load environment, it's crap. Windows is a DESKTOP OS. I'd recommend Windows Server 2003 for a speedy Windows based Desktop, and well, you gave no reason or anything on what you wanted too do. That matters.

    If you want a gaming box, well, Windows is the way.

    If you want things like Multimedia, well, pick up BeOS, Windows XP, Linux, or BSD. The Matrix was done on Free BSD machines, and Linux has a lot of the other movies. Mac OS X can't be left out here either as it does need some ego massaging in that area.

    Server use should always be Linux, BSD or Solaris, or AIX.

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    Which is the best operating system for any need for everything
    The one that you truly understand and are comfortable with. There is no straight or singular answer for this. If you're comfortable with Windows use it. If you're comfortable with Linux use it. etc. Every OS I've seen has quirks and quarks to them that require some troubleshooting, tweaking, digging, understanding, patience and sometimes a little prayer or cursing.

    Anything that others put forward are very subjective and makes it hard to make an objective decision. So go with what you know and know it well.
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    THANX for help

    but which operating system is considered most secure of all..
    the hardest to break


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    DAMN IT!

    I'm going to find me a cattle prod and Battery charge your ass, and until I find it, read up on OSs. And understand that IT DOES NOT MATTER. Any OS can be secured. If you install Free BSD and have no idea what you're doing, that's going to get broken into.

    If you understand BSD though, it may not.

    Windows will get broken into if you're an idiot, but if you understand Windows, it may not.

    That's all you need too know. And knowing is half the battle (TM)

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    The most secure OS is the fully patched, properly configured OS.

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