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Thread: NMAP 3.75 Released..

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    King Tutorial-ankhamun
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    Jul 2004
    My understanding is that it will work now, at least on Ethernet networks, because even though raw sockets no longer works right in XP they can get about the same thing done my constructing the raw Ethernet packets themselves. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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    Thanks for the heads up TH13...

    Is it just me, or is v3.75 a heck of a lot faster than prior versions?
    - Maverick

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    Master-Jedi-Pimps0r & Moderator thehorse13's Avatar
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    Fyodor did a core rewrite on 3.70 and has improved upon it in this release. Yes, the F&&&r burns now.
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    14 seconds to absolutely nail my WAP right down to the model number.... Only 1 port open on it too.... Nice....

    Time to play.....
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
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    And to all nmap win users, remember that most Nmap functionality will not work on XP SP2.
    Only if the Windows firewall is enabled.

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    sorry for bumping this age old thread ,but i kinda have a question which i need to ask

    The other link for Nmap win interface, I am not able to download. Can anyone provide me an alternative site for downloading win interface Nmap.

    Thank you
    can any one help me out ,i need the GUI version

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    do a google search for winnmap...
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    King Tutorial-ankhamun
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    Love the command line, live the command line is what I say. And to my understanding the *nix version is faster/better supported so I'd skip Window entirely (now that good boot CDs exist).

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    I also favor the CLI version. I've had some problems with the GUI.
    In short... I've never gotten it to work like it is supposed to. Maybe it user error... maybe not.
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