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Thread: I have a virus that I cant remove

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    I have a virus that I cant remove

    hi i have a virus called Exploit-MhtRedir.gen and im running the latest version on mcafee on a Xp box that is fully patched... when i try to remove the virus it says the file is write protected and i cant remove it! this is causing problems for my pc... i keep getting blue screens and have had trouble booting into windows... any ideas? thanx bye.

    p.s. i have also tried quarantineing, cleaning and deleting it with no luck, i am also unable to submit it to mcafee for analyzing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tome1122 View Post
    tried online scanner
    Symantec Security Check
    You're a bit late. The OP (Original Poster) started this thread on October 19th, 2004 ... which is well over 16 years ago.

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