i just got a new nvidia fx 5600 256 mb graphics card and i'm trying to use it with my computer, running slackware 10. the nvidia readme out at www.nvidia.com/linux, which is also where i got the drivers, says the only thing you have to do is install the drivers and edit xorg.conf to use "nvidia" instead of "nv" as the driver and make sure that the glx module loads and that the dri and glcore modules dont load. i did all that (i didnt even have anything about a glcore moduel in my xorg.conf) and now when i try to start x, i get a black screen and i have to shut my computer down hard(i cant ctrl+alt+f6 back to console). the card worked well in windows and functions using the generic nvidia drivers on slackware, but i'd like to use the latest drivers from nvidia. can anybody help me?