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Thread: Novell counters Microsoft's Linux 'facts' with 'truth'

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    Novell counters Microsoft's Linux 'facts' with 'truth'

    Countering the latest salvo of Microsoft Corp.'s Get the Facts campaign against open-source software, Novell Inc. Wednesday launched a Web site devoted to "unbending the truth" about Linux in the enterprise.
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    well you know what just as we speak ( or type ) there is a microsoft add "get the facts" on the top of this page
    ironic ! isn't it


    "Unless you read the whole report, you can take things out of context. ...Novell is trying to use it for their own purposes," DiDio said.
    what did you expect from M$

    If the world were as Microsoft states, Linux would not be the world's fastest growing operating system," Messman wrote.
    we always know linux was better than M$

    Additionally, Cornett believes Microsoft's campaign may have an adverse effect on the company and little impact on open source vendors such as Red Hat (Profile, Products, Articles) Inc. and Novell. "In fact (the campaign) may have the opposite effect of validating Linux as a viable threat to Microsoft's business," he wrote.
    very very true, the ad actually inspired me to go for linux than for get awau from it . i wanted to see what was it that actually threatned M$ so much .

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    Microsoft officials were not immediately available for comment.
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    yourdeadin - I think your link is broken.

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    Microsoft have already had their wrists slapped over here because of that "get the facts" campaign being, well, a bit misleading.
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