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Thread: Question about TVs and Playstation 2

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    Well, I still think that if you match Sony with Sony you should be OK. Do you know anyone with a Sony TV you can try it on?

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    Well unless he was talking about something different...we hooked a ps2 up to my friend's tv tuner card, and it looked like this
    A turer capture card.. the best of these give ordinary resolution..

    With your system being 3 years old.. I would double check your leads.. but assuming they are OK..

    IF the leads are connected via a Front AV Port.. My suspicion is a problem in the TV.. Unfortunaly you don't have available a tool I have in my Kit.. a tv Colour Bar Generator.. This eliminates extrenal devices as the cause of the problem..
    I think you will need to have a close look at what the picture is like under normal program conditions.. IF you see the Jaggies on there.. Hope you still have warranty.. as there could be a fault in the HV and or PSU circuits of the TV..
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    I still see it in normal TV programming, so I'm gonna return the TV, it's only a week old

    That's why I'm wondering whether or not it's a faulty TV, and if it's not, I want a TV which will not do this

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