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Thread: LAN icon is gone!

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    I'm using my work computer right now.I work for sbcglobal...honestly..the problem that I posted is not really my problem. It's my customer's problem and i think i messed up her pc. Her Local Area Network Icon is gone and I can't get her connected.My apologies from lying!

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    OK, not a problem. Ask her what her OS is and get her to explain her LAN set up to you and then post what she says back here.

    In the mean time could you explain what you told her to do in the first place that messed her PC up?
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    We were suppose to create a new pppoe connection because I suspect that her previous pppoe connection was currupted.I asked her first if her Local Area Network is enabled.She told be that she has a msg on the LAN that says "Network Cable Unplugged" .We already checked the cables if the modem is properly connected on the back of the pc.I also advised her to see a computer technician to disconnect and reconnect her NIC because the NIC might be lose inside the NIC slot.I thought of rebooting the pc might cure the problem but it got worst.LAN icon dissapearred and we cannot make a new pppoe connection anymore.

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    Hey Hey,

    With the Network Cable Disconnected error it sounds like it's most likely Windows XP.

    Have the customer complete the following steps..

    Right Click on My Computer
    Go To Properties
    Go to Hardware
    Click on Device Manage.

    See if there's anything under network Adapters... You want to see a network card of some sort (Dlink, SMC, Realtek, VIA.. anything will do) and Have the customer double click on the card... Make sure it says the Device is working properly... If it says driver problem have the customer reinstall the driver, otherwise work with whatever the error says..

    If the Device is working properly delete it and reboot...

    When you reboot Windows should automatically reinstall the driver for it.. .and at the same time a new Local Area Connection should be created...

    Your other option is to go to My Network Places --> Properties (Right Click) and Create a New Connection in there.

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    IF her os is winXP, I have a fix - when the lan is 'disabled' for whatever reason, it disappears from the systray - goto network connections and re-enable it. If it's gone entirely, just have her re-setup the lan (make new connection) and let XP fix itself. Sorry techie, but if you fouled it up, it's not a MS problem. If she calls them, you'll get the call right back from MS telling you to fix it.
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    Why can't simple checking in the network card properties fix it ? If your costumer is using windows 2k or Xp

    Just goto network card properties and check if the 'show icon in the taskbar when connected' is ticked or unticked for whatever reason.

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