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Thread: firefox 1.0 release

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    firefox 1.0 release

    Currenly im using the firefox 1.0 release. Yes its here. has it up.

    Was pretty slow when I downloaded it though.

    Iteresting new feature a customized firefox/google startpage. This shows once again how close mozilla and google seem to be.

    I'm wondering what the future will bring this partnership.
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    hey thats great, i'm downloading it now.

    I hope they've fixed the horrible problems that find bar had in 1.0PR
    eg: couldnt search in text boxes

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    Whilst I've been looking forward to the first "proper" 1.0 release, I think I'll leave it until the end of the week when the traffic will have died down and I can actually download the files at DSL speeds rather than feeling like I'm still on dial-up.
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