I am starting to think things happen by design out here that all flaws are not unknown my case in point is this product. After 10 years of business with a company all the sudden or emails we sent were sent back as rejected upon going around for two weeks with this company and their IT people we can't and won't change this firewall you have a malformed MIME Header, see what it reports and yep it was a malformed header beased upon RFC that were based upon 1996 &1998 SMTP MIME standards, only my open source email server is compliant to standards a little bit later then that. I had to learn how this sucker worked and read the fine print after a link was sent from their Direcing IT dude I found the info I needed in the fine print. I pointed the fact out that my MIME standards were a bit more current then his or the web site MIME checker they sent me as proof.

He called Symantec and they said to fix the problem they need to upgrade to the current version. If they had to pay for this then this is where the designed flaw comes into play. I am sure they issue upgrades to this firewall/email checking thing and first was the first company that installed that free be current Norton AV thing. Only they did not say to use it you had to have the latest release of the software an upgrade that I hope did not cost the company but most likely did. Now today I have another one same problem Error 56 mailformed MIME Header. As any good IT person now days we tested emails all afternoon and he offered the MIME proof because he trusted his product and well I trust mine as well but he never emailed me back after I offered up the proof that the product uses old standards ( I had to learn more about this thing the last two weeks then I truly wanted) based upon STRICT RFC STANDARDS that are a few years outdated.

Lets see how this one plays out this is a big nation wide company and I venture to guess cost them a few bucks to get their firewall/scanner up to date. Me I'm old school nothing wrong with what we use and well the area I work in your a sub contrctor on a local project it's not me it's you.

So is all this by desgin or product releases and upgrades or are such things preventing major business from being conducted? Software the name brands are falling very short people have to work do not make a problem and then charge people mony to correct it.