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Thread: reformatting my hardrive

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    reformatting my hardrive

    i have the installation cds and the boot disk but i dont know the exact process in which to reformat my hardrive. could someone guide me through the steps.

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    Which os are you using? Most OS's will let you format during installation, but the process will be slightly different depending on os. If you want to save existing data on the hd (you should also back it up, btw) then you should probably format pre-install (again, depends on os) with something like partition magic (if you're using windows) and then the installer will ask you what partition you would like to use. the installer will also actually do the formatting (make the filesystem) for you, most likely.

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    If you have a dos boot disk, you can format it old school, after backing up your data, run fdisk, delete the old partition, create a new primary partition, restart booting off the floppy again, and then do a format c: /s. The /s puts io.sys and on the drive so you can boot to it.

    Like was stated before, most OS's will auto-format and partition for you.
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    If you are using win xp just pop the disk in and it will walk you through it. When it asks where you want to install select the partition that it already has created and then say you want to format when it asks. Or pop in the boot disk and run fdisk.
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    (This is for Windows 98)

    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows ME
    Windows XP
    Windows NT/2000

    These are a couple I found. I'm checking around for some more though. I'll see if I can find any other links for you. good luck with the reformat.
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    it depends on you. What OS do you like to install.

    Try this links
    Win XP-
    Win 98 & Win 2k-

    I hope this helps.
    Happy reformatting!!

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