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Thread: Linux installation error

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    Linux installation error

    sorry, for the Linux NEWBIES!!

    Im installing Linux Red Hat 9.0

    Im already in the Installing Packages, and suddenly an error came up

    Error Installing Package
    There was an error installing glibc-2.3.2-11.9. This can indicate media failure, lack of disk space, and/ or hardware problems. This is fatal error and your install will be aborted. Please verify your media and try your install again.

    can you explain this to me guys. PLS.
    Im trying my best to understand Linux and truth this is the first time I tried to install Linux.
    I know I have no problem regarding my partitioning and file systems.
    Any POST and suggestions will do.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you installing from a known good media? The error suggests that you're out of disk space or it cannot read the file. I would believe more of the latter. If you downloaded an ISO, you might want to redownload it and burn it again.

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    Type df on a prompt to see if you have enough diskspace.
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    I had a similar problem about a year ago. First trying out linux, using a red hat boxed set, 9.0 as well. Halfway through the installation it gave up. It turns out there was a bug in the install program or something, so I contacted red hat and they sent me new disks at no charge in about 2 days. Worked like a charm. If you bought a set too, try asking for new disks, or try d/l them and burning them. Or, check your media, disk space, and hardware as the install suggests, if you haven't already. Hope this helps.

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    thanks guys

    for the tips and post.
    I already called the red hat and they sent me another cd's of red hat. As The Republican said, Luckily I already installed it in a new box.

    Thanks guys for the post more power.
    antionline members.

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