I am suffering from a new disease called antionline mania.here are symptoms of this disease if anyone else is suffering from it please answer.Does anyone know any cure of this disease.?

1)you wake up in morning at something like 11 AM what is the first thing you do ? read newspaper go to toilet, take a cup of coffee, brush your teeth first ?
first thing i do is to open start my PC open mozila web brower type antionline.com press enter.
and start reading.

2)What is the first thing you do each time you open your computer?
I open antionline.com and start surfing(for last one month or so)

3)your exams are on monday although you know you will clear your exams what is the second most frequent activity of your day(first being reading books).
in my case antionline.
4)What you do when you want to search for some exploit or vulnerability or any security vulnerability may be go to google and search.
What i do?
I come to antionline and search in most of cases i find answers if i don't i go to google.
5)You were never an alcohelic now a smoker but for the last one month you feel as if you are becoming antionline addict.
6)You go to an interview one of the questions asked is "which is your favourite web site?"
(that question was asked because i told them that one of my hobbies is internet surfing.)
what will be ur answer in my case antionline.(they didn't know what antionline is so i had to explain them)
7)what you see in you dreams?
+ive antipoints in my case.......

If you know any cure of this desease please don't tell me because i am in LOVE..............
yeah i am in love with antionline.

In the end I would like to thank nihil and SDK for supporting me and pointing out my mistakes.
SDK told me that i am not good at english (i am not english it is my third language).
I am trying to improve hope i will help others in future.

Now i am going to sleep.
Thank you all.