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Thread: Hijacking problem

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    Thank falcon but that was one of the first things I tried... It seems as if this parasite is too new for any of the detection tools that are out. I turned this computer almost into a pet project trying to figure out how to fix it. So far all I have accomplished was getting it to stop changing the hosts file. I thought I was onto something but that was the end of that road.

    Moxnix I will try your idea but the problem is this variant is attaching itself to the winlogon.exe process and some others. Just before I left for the day I booted into dos and wrote over the winlogon file with a new "clean" version. And I left it scanning with another tool to hope to fix it. I will dive some more into it tomorrow but this sucker is a beast... I think my next step might be to rename the windows directory and do a soft install over it.
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