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    online gambling

    Im expecting this thread to be a bit controversial and if im over stepping the mark say so and i will withdraw the thread...

    This is the absolute honest truth.

    My mother has a severe gambling addiction. Not going to races / bookies etc, purely online gambling. Im not lying when i say this, but in the last year she has gambled over 250,000. She sold her house last year and spent all the money from it. She now has a new mortgage on a new house and a new 20,000 debt. I am realy woried for her, because she is very secretive and doesnt discuss anything with me. I have pretended to be her and shut down sher accounts, she was supposedly 'banned' from gambling online, but this restriction has not stopped her at all what so ever.

    Before it gets so bad that she loses everything, i need to do something about it.

    Does anybody have any suggestions of how i could stop her from getting on these web sites
    eg..., victor chandler, ladbrokes......

    II need to do it without her knowing ive done it! She would go mad! She is using win 98! with no updates or firewall or virus checker! 1ghz p3, 256mb ram....... (she wont let me install a firewall cuz she doesnt want me on her computer for obvious reasons) so the deal is i can get on the computer, but anything i do its got to be sly so she doesnt notice. She is most definately a n00by when it comes to computing.

    This is a very random email, but im sure if anyone who is reading this can relate to the stress it causes the gambler and all those aroud (me!)

    I hope someone has a good idea to help me out

    The more you know, the less you understand!

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