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    New Website

    I am just making a website for my uncle, just a basic one, not with html or anything, anyways, what are some good programs and I can use to make like a computer drop down and smash and say... Stealth Media (his company name) that type of stuff, I heard of swish but I don't want text.
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    not with html or anything
    Good luck with that!

    You are going to need to use HTML to an extent, even if you use a .swf like you are describing.

    Look into tools like Dreamweaver, GoLive, or Frontpage might be on your computer already.

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    Or just open Microsoft Word, type out something nifty and save it as a web page

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    Ok where to start on this one.....

    what your talkign about making is an animation so yes you dont need html to show it on the web you could just link directly to it but you aint ever gonna build a website that way - lol

    anyways to acomplish what you want you have several options.

    You can go for a vector based package like flash which has basic drawing tools (more than enough to draw a cartoon computer etc) and animate it in there

    or you could go for a bitmap package such as photoshop which has way more features when it comes to image creation then flash but cant do the animation....but you can easily export from photoshop to image ready to animate it.

    Now if you want to make a fully functioning site with animations etc here's my advice

    1. Learn HTML - it is the basis of webdesign
    2. Learn about typography - the use of good/bad typography can make/break a design
    3. Learn about color - color is one of the most important aspects of any design
    4. Familerise yourself with a Bitmap package (i suggest photoshop which is the industry standard)

    now you can take it further and get into things like flash...if so i suggest you learn Actionscripting it will make things sooo much easier for you than trying to tween everything - lol


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    Hehe, thanks alot, alot of usefull information there. Although, I'm not too interested in programming. Maybe one day.
    If at first you don\'t succeed, work for Microsoft.

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