Following in the footsteps of the lovely MsMittens (or maybe she followed me- not sure of the timeline there ), I have a personal information security blog site.

My site offers me an array of opportunities to write and publish on various information security topics, but I also wanted a personal site where I have even more editorial freedom to speak my mind as well as more freedom to link to and hype my other freelance writing.

My site, Essential Computer Security, has links to various contributions I have made to, and Processor Magazine. I have many more articles coming up with Processor Magazine and a couple with some other periodicals as well.

While this is more or less a shameless plug to ask you to visit my personal blog site, I also think that the articles and information it contains will be found valuable by a good percentage of the AO community. In that regard, I would recommend it as a potential resource of information- even if I do say so myself.

It also has an XML RSS feed if you want to receive an automatic feed everytime I add blog entries to the site.

Check it out if you have some time.