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Thread: cant delete,or move file help

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    cant delete,or move file help

    ok i found a mp3 file in one of my folders that i cant delete move or rename can any one help me please this has happened to me in the past and what i do is put it in a floppy (for some reason it can be moved there then format the floppy but i cant do it with this because its to big help please this file is pissing me off

    ps when i right click on it it deosnt get me the option to rename or delete(it deos not appear on the rightclick menu)

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    Did you try deleting it via MS-DOS (command prompt)

    use the cd command to change to that directory and then type in del filename.mp3
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    Sometimes windows arbitrarily decides to deny permissions to everyone on a certain file or two. I had it happen on a couple of software packages from the 2 isp's I use once - here's how I fixed it:

    First - I full-on system scanned for virii, spyware, the works to make sure it was a windows screwup and not something worse. I did this in safe mode.

    Second - I used the methods described in this thread to gain 'system rights' and wipe out the offending programs for reinstall under my normal account.

    Hope that helped!
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    finnallllllllllllllllly some one created a program for this problem (this has happened to me many time) i tried delete on boot but that program didnt work then i was reading and found a program called DeleteFXPFiles ,if this ever happens to any one i highly recommend it.

    thanks for helping me i extremely appreiceted it.

    sorry for my crappy hand writing (typing)

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