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Thread: xp installation error

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    xp installation error

    well i am trying toinstal win xp at my friends pzce,every thing goes well but after xp asks for the restart ,the computer just freezes

    something like
    "verifying dmi data"
    and thats it
    i nver used xp so is it kinda of normal or is there an hardware issue.
    plz replly soon

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    Well the Microsoft knowledge Base very Bluntly Says it's the Hardware and Contact you hardware Vendor and Refuses to help Further

    Error Message "Verifying DMI Pool Data" Occurs and the Computer Is Unavailable

    My Guess is there is Something hardware that XP is not Likeing ..................So was XP ever Intalled o this System ...................If yes then have you added ne hardwere after that.

    But it can Also Occur if the Boot File is Currupt So try Intalling Again .

    Try Resetting you BIOS setting to Default.

    Try Reoving the Extra PCI devices and then Starting the PC

    Are some of my Gusses............I am literally Gussing here

    Keep us informed about the developments ......

    --Good Luck--

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    only win 98 installs on this even tried installing win 2k ,but even it shows the same problem
    hard ware conflict
    i don think
    xp was installed on it,my friend tried to instal to linux (redhat) he din like it and he formated the drive where linux was installed and he tried to install XP back
    din work
    he instaled 98 and then tried xp

    same error

    98 with win 2k

    same error

    he has some importan data in other ntfs drives which refuse to get detected by 98
    for that i ve installed NTFSDOS ,but this is not a permanant solution .

    more help plz

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    If all the OS are Reporting the Same Error then i would Say definately Some hardware has started to Malfunction...............That message hang is generally associated with a bad mobo bios or harddrive.

    First back Up everythign you need

    Here is what I would Try clear the CMOS on the board ( by removing the CMOS batteries or whatever meathod that Suits you ) and set the BIOS to basic configuration.

    I would double-check drive cables and jumper settings and see if something is loose in there

    next Fdisk and format the drive and then Install again .

    See if it helps

    --Good Luck--

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    Found a Very Good Article regarding Your Problem


    Computer stops at verifying dmi pool data...


    This issue can be caused by any of the following:

    1. Corrupt boot files on the computer.
    2. Settings for hard disk drive are not correct.
    3. Floppy diskette or CD in computer causing issue.
    4. Boot devices not set properly.
    5. BIOS corrupt or misc. setting not set properly.
    6. Connections loose or disconnected.
    7. Bad Hard disk drive or other bad hardware.

    For More Click Here
    Try tthe Soluthin to the Above 7 Problems that can Cause the Issue you are facing and which helps you .

    Keep us Posted.

    --Good Luck--

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    Hi yourdeadin..............

    What is the hardware?...........ALL of it

    Sounds like a conflict to me

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    hmm now that i got it right, lemme xplain how
    my friend had a ntfs 40gb hard dirve which had 3 partions, he din wanna format the hard disk ,it all went wrong when he was installing linux, now the trouble was in the installation ,
    he had one of his hard disk partion formatted and converted to FAT .on this he installed win 98 and tried to install win xp on it ( he din have a bootable xp )
    after that the error of "verifying dmi data"
    this surprised me a bit as he had a working XP and all of a sudden an error.
    even i tried all my will and might before posting it here.i tried to install win 2000 ( all of his data was in NTFS and win 98 does not suppot NTFS,but that too did not work

    so now a miracle ( it xmas man )

    f you rememberi had a hard disk which had a bad sector in track 0,0. i took it out and tried to install xp there and you know what it worked!!!! win XP got installed in that HDD

    i was jumping with joy

    after that i again installed win xp in that original NTFS partion and whola i tok out my HDD and kissed it ,it got me out of trouble

    thanx nihil and sword fish
    it was indeed a Hard ware conflict and most probably was a Hard disk conflict

    the config of the box was
    P4 1.2ghz
    40gb hdd
    256 mb ram
    intel MB

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