hi all,

i have just written a program which uses the basic commands for sending an email.
this includes putting in the senders email yourself (allowing you to spoof emails).

i have written this program to enhance my knowledge on socket programming, but now i need a few people who could test it for me.

basically i need to know if the email sent is received (mail to yourself?) and if the format looks like it should.

the program can be found here. this is a direct link to the zip file.

thanks in advance for testing, and i can't wait for the responses

[EDIT]since i have had a lot of comments on not releasing the source (on other forums) i will explain:
the reason why i did not release the source is simply because i know from previous experiences that there might be sites posting my programs (sources) while they are still in testing, and then i have a hard time asking them to post the finished program (source) instead.
if you don't trust my program, then put it like this:
would you trust it when you have downloaded it from a site like mcaffee without the source? i think most people will.
why? simply because they have a name to uphold, and mcaffee would be stupid if they would put dangerous code on there site.

well the same goes for me, i don't want to ruin my good name, so i surely wouldn't put dangerous code on my site.

for those who still do not trust me, PM me, and i will give the source, however, i have to warn you, the source is a mess, since it is just for testing.
as soon as the program works like it should, i will add a gui to it and release it under the GPL (with rewritten source ).