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Thread: Windows exploit no. 3457289102984302192

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    Windows exploit no. 3457289102984302192

    So, just in case no one has heard, the folks at EEye published details on a Windows exploit to do with....animated cursors! who would have thought...

    Anyway the exploit is to do with the way windows handles .ani file and can lead to a buffer overflow condition etc.. As the cursors can be supplied for use be IS it affects all apps that use the IE components, so Word, Excel, the shell and so on.... will it ever end?
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    As long as microsoft decides that Ease of use is extremely important in order to increase market share and use of their products you will run into problems. On top of that when you have as many people using the same product, such as windows operating system, you are going to find more exploits and problems on a daily basis. In my opinion I am suprised there arent more people takinga advantage of the spyware problems. In theory it would be an amazing way to plant some nasty viruses that could cause all kinds of problems.
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    What the **** does ease of use have anything to do with a buffer overflow condition, you stupid ****? Once agian I see that the phrase "doesn't effect XP sp2" has shown up in bug archives and many articles. Shouldn't people start looking for more flaws in XP sp2 by now? Gezz...

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