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Thread: spyware removal and prevention tutorial

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    You might try this:

    It has over 87,000 items in its database

    It is payware, but you can download a trial. After that has expired you can Still update it and use it as a manual scanner, for free.

    I also like SwatIT, it takes forever but is very thorough.

    I think that these two are somewhat better with trojans and worms that the others.

    I agree with HTRegz, in that you should run your updated AV in safe mode and do an online scan.

    You should monitor the registry and check for new programs:

    RegistryProt from DiamondCS

    This is also a useful tool that warns you of new executables on the block:

    Other than that, I think you should warn people more about using HijackThis! It is not a tool for the uninitiated. They should be sure to back up the Registry before manually deleting things.


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    This seems to be a good a place as any to mention this. Wouldn't it be nice to have people submit tutotials for review by a panel of AO members who are experts in the field? Too many times I have seen bad advice (tutotials specifically) posted and many more times people try the first thing they read before seeing corrections to the post (tutotial). Anyone else think this idea may improve the quality of tutorials here?

    my 2 cents

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    Wouldn't it be nice to have people submit tutotials for review by a panel of AO members who are experts in the field?
    This was never submitted or posted in the tutorials section. The poster called it a tutorial and put it into the Spyware/adware section.

    Perhaps it might be better to put your suggestion into Site Suggestions. That said, it's hard to define what an "expert" would be and who they should be.

    Oh.. and it's TUTORIAL. I think you're 'R' key is stuck.
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    You do need to run your scans in every user. This is mostly important in XP becasue they all have their own sets of files and registry keys that for some reason the admin acounts dont scan all of them. And thehorse13 I concider my self an expert when it comes to computer repair and especially spywware. I have been fighting it for literally years. At work we have created a checklist around the shareware/freeware tools i update and put on a cd every week. We have created a checklist that helps us remove spyware, viruses and other various problems with very good effecency. We are the only computer store in our are that cares about actually fixing computers and we have an excelent reputation, we are very picky people.

    And i do recommend using hijackthis if you know what you are doing otherwise you can post your log and if you do what an expert sais you should be fine.

    and that host file stops you from going to anysite that hosts spyware if you host file has been redirected well then it wont help no but when you fix that it will.

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    regarding the software tools that prevent your pc to be infected with spyware, there nice. I think its good to haver them but for me Spybot, Adaware & About Buster and CWshedder are enough to prevent your pc to be infected. Thanks. dont forget about firewalls.

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    I can hardly believe with all this good advice that nobody mentioned the most powerful, most overlooked clean-up program available...

    It's called Add/Remove programs...guaranteed to remove 80% of what ails ya.

    I have been fighting it for literally years.
    I don't think following a checklist really counts, but whatever... about the only thing I can agree with is your link to help2go. As much as I hate automated scans, many of the 'consultants' on that site are well known, and work hard to keep it updated. That doesn't mean, however, that it isn't prone to false positives.

    Along with any good help guide should be a list of places to research problems. CastleCops has some of the best:

    In Addition:

    Also, how about some real tools for when you have malware that automated processes don't touch? These are what the real experts use:

    How about a list of places to turn to when you get in over your head: -- list on left side

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    Let me SECOND Nihil's promotion of WinPatrol and RegistryProt: both very good!

    You forgot a few things I would suggest...

    * For spyware blocking: SpywareGuard by Java Cool Software uses heuristics so you dont have to keep updating it.

    * For info regarding what's starting up process-wise: StartupList by Merijn

    * OpenPorts by DiamondCS; shows ports listening/connected to system and process used in connection, commandline; (

    * TCPView by SysInternals; shows ports listening/connected to system and process used in connection, GUI; (

    * TDIMon by SysInternals; process viewer; (

    * Process Explorer by SysInternals; process viewer; (

    * PrcView by Igor Nys; process viewer; (

    * Browser helper object detector: BHODeamon

    * Free Internet Spyware Scanners:

    * Free Internet Virus Scanners:
    Any browser:
    Requires IE/Active-X:

    * Spyware Help Sites:

    * Browser hijack help:

    * General Spyware:

    * Process lookup:

    * Virus libraries:

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