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Thread: Unwanted desktop items

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    Angry Unwanted desktop items

    Hey everyone, this is my first time using this and i need some desperate help with these unwanted desktop items that I have stuck on my comp!!

    When i was browsing the web one day, a website that i went on decided to download seven desktop items on to my computer; these items are "poker", "travel", "card games", "printer cartridges", "casino online", "bingo" and "wbsite hosting". However the trouble is there is no way of deleting them! They cannot be moved anywhere, and they cannot be delted by right clicking on them and they do not seem appear anywhere else.

    How do i get them out of the way???

    Please help!


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    Did you try deleting them in safe mode and running spybot fully updated?
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    a website that i went on decided to download seven desktop items on to my computer;
    They most likely had to have you click on something to allow them to D/L.
    Rule 1 : Be careful out there.

    I assume you are running Windows, and guess XP ?

    Try task manager [ctrl - alt - del] under processes see what [if any] processes are running that are named as per the links, close them, then try to delete.

    If I find unwanted files, but am unaware of their purpose, rather than put them into the re-cycle bin, I put them to desk top, as [I believe] that desk top is not 'checked' on start up, and so they would be safe to leave there.

    As yours have been put there to work from there, I can only repeat what muert0 [above] has said.

    Get hold of :
    AdAware :
    SpyBot S+D v1.3 :

    Also get yourself a registry cleaner, I tried and liked the Macecraft one, free 30 day trial, only a few $ to buy.

    D/L these, then UPDATE them.
    Into safe mode [F8 on start up, choose safe mode]
    run them and delete what they find.

    with the reg cleaner, take a bit of time to read EACH entry, once deleted it's too late
    But as I said the one I've linked to IS easy to use.

    And don't forget ..........
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    All great suggestions... if those dont fix your problems you may want to take a look at this:

    a lil tut i wrote on generic spyware removal. I think I might add some more to that as the strains of spyware are getting worse and worse
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    Sounds like a LOP infection. Have you by any chance just installed MessengerPlus3! and declined to opt out of the sponsor program? Uninstall it (if this is the case) and re-install - this time opting out of the sponsor program.

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    The newest variant of VX2 will also add items identical to what you are describing, as well as thrash your recycle bin, and cause tons of pop-ups...

    The only solution for this variant is to manually clean it up with help from someone that has done it before. Shadowar's VX2 finder and repair tool will not work, Spybot and Adaware will not work, (nor will Adaware's VX2 plug in), processes do not show in the task manager (uses a rootkit), etc. etc.

    Hopefully it is just a LOP infection, as meeeeeee suggested.

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    i used to have the same problem with icons and programs that wont go away no matter what u try and found that programs built for extreme cleaning usually works the best... sometimes the registry cleaners dont always work... i can say spybot serch and destroy 1.3 that was added in another persons reply does work soo much but also need other programs to help aid in the rest of ur cleaning process... i would suggest getting system mechanic pro 5... u can download the 30 day free trial version from their main site and start off with that to help fix more then just the problems ur experiencing right now... ever since i started using the system mechanic 5 pro my comp has been running like brand new as if i just bought it from the store but with all ur main programs installed that ur always using... the most i can say is try the system mechanic, ur anti-virus program, and spyware deleter programs and if those dont work then u may have more problems then what ur trying to express in here... i suggest using mcafee anti-virus... ive found mcafee to be the best and most useful av program out there and does more then norton or any other av program is even capable of doing... i hope things work out but if not then try and figure out what is all wrong and post all the problems here so we can better help u...

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    Dude! deadman_freddy, it's called punctuation.
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    spy ware

    ok.. you can do things like listend above like run spy ware ad-aware removal programs like
    spy bot search and destroy. Ad-aware i'd say uses spy bot cuase it has something caused immunizations read about those...
    . Or you can go to start---> run ... type
    and go to

    and uses this site to find out what all the things are in your start up list and remove the ones that are not need

    then run a program called hijack this from

    that will remove the enties of the program right off the system mostly..... ya if that does not work... look at your process list and find out what the name of the spy ware and ad-aware is and find out on the net how to remove just it..
    search some paracite remove pages and such

    I don't know much but hey i hope that helps.. i am a new bie.. so people don't rip me apart.. I hate how some people on here can be so ignorant and stupid.
    o yes and some of us.. are not amazing smart nerds like all of you and can't spell perfect either.

    i hope the world someday can have more people as perfect as some of u//...

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