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Thread: recover boot loader

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    Talking recover boot loader

    hello guys its me again.

    I have already dual boot my pc using win xp and win98. It was perfect on the booting process until suddenly I boot the pc the bootloader didnt came up.

    How will I recover the boot loader, I already edited the boot.ini file but still no bootloader came up, only win98 boots no win xp.

    help pls.

    any post!!!

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    Try a Third Party Bootloader.

    ok. after a quick google (very quick) couldnt find anything you would need.

    So, if you've got linux experience, install a distro, or use a live cd (knoppix) and install Grub

    then configure grub to boot the win98 and winXP partitions...

    Sorry couldnt be more help, but you should find what your looking for with that information/method
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    o- operating
    s- system
    l- loader

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    xosl is fun..
    their site doesn't load for me, but here is a backup url..

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