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Thread: adware help i come up with the same site for diff links

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    adware help i come up with the same site for diff links

    I need some serious help. i think i got adware on my computer and it's really makeing me mad i dont know how to get rid of it. wut happens is when i go to certain web sites it goes to a different web site something like and even when i go to different links it takes me to the same web site. i have no idea how to remove it and when i use my antivirus it tells me that the virus can't be removed ( i have norton anti-virus so you know it's not some 2nd rate piece of s***). i really need some help so if anyone could please post something that i could do to fix this problem it would be a big help.

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    Now those four links lead to tutorials (used loosely) on how to get rid of adware, browser hijackers, and etc. There are already numerous posts regarding the removal of adware and etc. floating around here so search the forums and you shall be enlightened.

    Have a glorious day.

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    As for the rest, I'd just finished posting this elsewhere.

    Originally posted here by foxyloxley
    Oh goody, another one

    I'll write it out as a complete list, even though you say you have AdAware.

    1) The best defence against these progs is to download, update and use the following :

    AdAware SE : [url][/url

    SpyBot S+D v1.3 :

    CWShredder :

    Originally from

    he has sold it to intermute, whilst on there found this :
    Small update: I've been seeing more and more cases of infections by trojans that kill any antivirus or antispyware programs you try to use and remove them. For such cases, I created a standalone version of the 'Itty Bitty Process Manager' inside HijackThis. It should be a bit harder for trojans to detect, since it has no window caption. If they do start targeting it by filename, rename the executable before running it and you should be good to go.

    So I'd recommend itty bitty process manager too. Download from the merijn site url'ed above.

    I've recently 'discovered' macecraft :
    Download regsupreme, a real easy to use reg cleaner. Just exercise caution when you do use this, as in the case of ANY reg cleaner, once used --------------- GONE.
    It is a 30 day trial, and it's only a few $$ to buy.

    But it IS easy to get to grips with, I did it

    I also use swatit :
    Slow, but it does its job well.

    There are lots of options out there, and this is by no means an exhaustive list.
    But everything on this list I have used, and am happy to recommend.

    There is ANOTHER way to keep your system safe[er] when online ..............DON'T CLICK ON WHAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ................... /rant

    To help keep these in 'order', I open a new file in 'program files', called 'security', download each one to there.
    On your desktop, in the tool bar at the bottom [default position] of the screen, right click, and click on toolbars, click on 'quick launch'.

    Right click inside the quick launch area, [if none seen, right click toolbar, click on 'unlock toolbar'.] select open folder, inside there, right click and select 'new folder', label it 'security'.
    Close it down, you will now have a folder ion in the quick launch section.

    Go to the security file, open each application, and right click on the .exe that would open it.
    Select 'send to desktop'. You now have all the shortcuts on your desktop.

    Click on the security folder in quick launch, reduce the size of the window so that you can see the short cuts, drag and drop each one into the folder. Close folder. You now have your security tools ready to use at a moments notice ....................

    Just remember :
    Security tools are only good WHEN THEY ARE USED.

    Update weekly :

    Use them in safe mode [on start up hit F8 every second, until a screen opens up, with a menu of 'safe' options.]

    If your XP is Home edition, then 'Safe' mode is where you will find your 'administrator' account.
    Use this when cleaning.
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    sigh.... ok i used one of them links that u posted and i got a program ad aware it works fine and it deleted my adware.... or so i thought. i ran a scan with norton antivirus and it says i still have 3 viruses left and there all bargain buddy files. now this is wut i dont like i have looked on other web sites trying to figure out how to delete it and all the steps i try and follow are useless. they tell me to delete reg keys in regedit and do something else involving a .dll file but i dont have them on my computer, same with the registry key thing. the sites have also told me to look in my add/remove programs and thats no use because its not listed there so now i'm completly stumped... i have no idea how to get rid of these files on my computer. I did notice though that there is a program in my add/remove programs called "my way search assistant". and here's another this that pisses me off I CAN"T REMOVE IT!!! there is no change/remove botton when i click on it to remove it... i'm completely puzzled... can someone please help me with this one... (i feel like a dumbass... i probaly am because the answer is probaly right in front of me)

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    ahaha i figured it out the adware was compressed in a .dll file so i deleted the .dll file and now it's all gone. but idk... is deleteing a .dll gonna mess my computer all up? it seems like it's working fine

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    Depends on the DLL. You might benefit from using HiJackthis to identify whatever Adaware doesn't find.
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