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Thread: Wardriving with PDA?

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    Wardriving with PDA?

    I've noticed that alot of PDA's now have wireless capability. Has anyone written wardriving software for Palm or PocketPC?

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    Assuming you are running Windows CE.. For ministumbler. Use netstumbler if your pocketpc is running a 2k or xp version.

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    There are several others as well, but Chill mentions the most popular (I think it is, anyway). Netstumbler is fairly passive though...pretty strictly wardriving/ap detection. Sniffer Pro, Air Magnet, AeroPeek, and several other commercial app's are available as well, but usually opensource is the way to go if this isn't for a professional need (and even then, most pro's rely on several opensource tools as well.)
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    Funny I was wondering the same, as I just got a 802.11b for my Visor. Right now I use a Vaio for ummmm AP "detection".... WIll let ya know if I find any apps that support the Palm OS.

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    I have a zaurus 5500 with a netgear wireless card, they released a version of kismet for the zaurus, and it works great.
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    netstumbler/ministumbler works pretty well. BUt like stated above they dont do much more then let you know an AP is there, and what channel it is on, and the name of it.
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    Net/mini stumbler does everything that you are allowed to do legally.

    - locate APs
    - Discover encryption type
    - Discover SSID
    - Discover signal strength and area noise
    - Discover their geographical location using GPS

    That's wardriving guys. All the open source programs do the exact same thing, except that one or two of them have WEP decryption capabilities. And don't even try and tell me that you want to start breaking WEP encryption keys from companies that you don't own.

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    Cracking weps is pointless and time consuming if you dont have a reason for it. Free internet access is not a good reason to crack someones network. If you are doing it solely as research go ahead and map the locations (becasue that is legal) and then set your own up to learn about the cacking methods.
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    My Zaurus 5500 with Kismet works well, but I don't have a GPS for it.

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    You could have saved your time by typing in for wardriving and your PDA.

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