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Thread: Kismet or Airopeek - Dell Truemobile 1300

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    Question Kismet or Airopeek - Dell Truemobile 1300

    I've got a Dell Laptop with a built-in Truemobile 1300 wireless NIC.
    Tried to run Kismet and Airopeek in Linux and Windows, but both programs won't seem to be able to use the NIC. Netsumbler works fine in Windows, but it doesn't actually capture any data, which is what I'm looking for.

    So my question is, are there any drivers out there to replace the Dell Truemobile 1300 drivers to make it work with most wireless capturing software, or is there any other software that will work with this card? (something equivalent to Kismet or Airopeek)

    Thanks for any help!

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    You mention you tried Kismet in Windows, right? Did you port it over? I wasn't aware anyone had released a Windows port of Kismet. If you were able to get it to run under Windows, have you tried installing WinPcap? I know a number of sniffing programs require WinPcap in order to capture packets. I typically use Ethereal to capture data that is sent over my network (both wired and wireless), as well as to examine client networks. Maybe that'll work for you. Good luck.


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    Have you checked if your adapter is supported by Airopeek?

    You also need to install the included custom driver for the supported adapter. Remember, doing this will uninstall the original driver provided by the manufacturer, so make sure you have it in hand, in case you decided to revert back.

    Personally I think Airopeek is intended to run on a dedicated scanning machine. Other than that, it's got nice reports.

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    Sorry Avdven, my bad, I meant Kismet in Linux and Airopeek in Windows...
    Yepp, I have the latest drivers of winpcap... Airopeek seems to be very specific about the driver support though... I was hoping somebody found a way around that. So Jdenny, nopes, Airopeek doesn't specifically support this NIC.

    Was hoping there was somebody smart out there using the same NIC, who figured out how to make this NIC work.. heh..!

    Yeah, I can use Ethereal, but only in promiscuous mode, compared to monitor mode, where it picks up data from WAP's you are not even connected to...

    What I'm trying to do is to prove how easy it is to crack some of all our WAP's we have in the different departments at work. Some are still just using 64 bits WEP, but to capture packets from a WAP you don't have the WEP to, I guess you need Kismet or Airopeek... or are there any other software that might have better/other supported NIC's? (then you can just use weplab or aircrack to crack the WEP)

    Oh well.. guess I have to buy another NIC or wait for new updates... I did borrow a Orinoco card once, and it worked great.. !

    Thanks though!

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