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Thread: Definition of PMS

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    Hoopy Frood
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    Jun 2004
    PMS - n. A once a month catastrophe. See also: werewolf

    - Xierox
    "Personality is only ripe when a man has made the truth his own."

    -- Søren Kierkegaard

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    Vernon, CT
    I still like (can I leave the house without dealing with your insecurities about where I'm going for a change syndrome)

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    Been there have ya ! me too, too many times...30 questions before you leave and 300 when you get back


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    Originally posted here by Egaladeist
    30 questions before you leave and 300 when you get back

    Ahhhh but she lets you back! So obviously the questions are merely intended to remind you that you're loved. When she's done tell her you love her too.

    Like I tell Mr. meeeeeee ... no bitching as long as you're allowed back into my house.

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    And yet you could always SHOW her you love her. Well, some of you can, anyone here knows I have an odd sense of humor, so I can get away with **** no other guy can. Like the Vampire joke and of course buying Mydol buy the case and going here relax.

    Heh, girls would kill a guy for that but not me, I make it funny and they are like laughing about it. When my ex was having her time of the month, we didn't live together but I was still there at her house everyday waiting on her hand and foot because I know (Growing up with like 5 woman in the house you get used to what's OK and what's not) so when she was done I always got repaid nicely heh.

    That and I can play Bass with my toung. Beat that ****ers

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