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Thread: Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

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    Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

    I find it very interesting that MS has released this tool without so much as a whisper in this months patch list.

    It is supposed to remove:













    From the main site,

    you see this interesting little tidbit: "The version of this tool delivered by Windows Update runs in the background and then deletes itself. To determine if the tool removed any malicious software, please review the log file."

    What's uncle Billy up to now I wonder?

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    It must have come out with January's patches because it been there for a few weeks.

    I think it prescans and only downloads if you're infected. I tried it on some test machines and it never downloaded, according to the update page anyway.
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    billy might be buying up some "insurance" as soon his empire <cue d vader entry tune> will be releasing more repurchased software in this area, and they are testing things.

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    What's uncle Billy up to now I wonder?
    Possibly looking to incorporate it in the OS??
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    well, you can dl the program, but im wondering if it actually can remove the virii in standalone form, or if it needs a connection ot the internet. I guess I need to install one of those virusis on a lab machine when i get a chance.
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    Dunno for sure what Billy's doing, but he stuck it in a critical download (one of 10 I got forcefed this morning)... Perhaps he's thinking on getting into antivirus as well as spyware tools?
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    They've had a limited version of this for a while, but they were specific to different viruses. It used to be the "mydoom removal tool" or something like that, and they didn't show up for all computers as a critical patch.

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    the grand irony from my POV is that all these new security softwares wouldn't be necessary if the Uncle Billy just fixed the damn problems in the first place.

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    Every month, they will release this software with the latest removal tool for the latest virus. They done it in January, they did it in February and they'll do again.

    It's to help people to get rid off virus/Trojan that they normally don't know they catch if they don't have an update anti-virus.
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    Ok not bad that Microsoft is bringing out a Tool that can remove Malicious Software but it can be deletet by a Trojan. When you bring something out to the Market please take time and do it right at the firt time and not like Uncle Billy Boy totally wrecked.

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