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Thread: umm which is better Norton or Mc-affee

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    umm which is better Norton or Mc-affee

    well i hope the subject is self explanatory I'm just wondering which is better if there is no answer to my question please excuse me but the newbie status isnt just for show I actually am a n00b well thanx any way
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    Personally... I'm a fan of Norton. I never really cared for Mcafee.
    I use Norton Internet Security at home and Norton Corporate at work.

    You'll find people that don't like Norton and like Mcafee better.

    I think the important part is keeping it updated.

    I've been loading free antivirus for all my family members. AVG has not let me down yet.
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    3,171's a 2005 test comparison by a security site I came across a couple days ago...

    apparently they think Shield Pro is the best of the ones they tested.

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    I like Norton better. I've used it a home for 7 years and combined with Windows updates and little common sense I've never been infected.

    Most of my experience with McAfee is in older products and in machines with out of date virus definitions and badly infected. I've never tried any of their new products.
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    I'm just wondering which is better if there is no answer to my question please excuse me but the newbie status isnt just for show I actually am a n00b well thanx any way
    Do I give a **** who and what you are? Your answer is neither... antiviral software is one of the largest scams of all time. Usefull only to people who wouldn't take the time to maintain their computers even if they actually knew how. Don't be an idiot, they both scan for the same things so I'll go ahead and get that out of the water, the question is which one is the bigest waste of performance.

    But you know what... I'll leave you to it, man. Redundant thread.

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    Hum i seem to be on contradiction with most of the members.Personally i like mcafee but i guess it has to do with the fact the i never tried norton for long so as to compare it with mcafee.

    yeah one thing my mcafee home edition doesn't detect keylogger.I was just wondering whether norton detects keyloggers?

    keyloggers are not detected by most antivirii's coz sometimes system administrator installs it on purpose and if they try to mail logs to a mail address(which comes under malicious activity)then it is a job of firewall to detect it .
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    trend micro.

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    I run Pccillin and it does nicely for me. I have issues with both Norton and Mcaffee, those being -

    Norton eats a VAST amount of system resources. Mcaffee does too. Neither will fully uninstall from your machine and require you to spend time both sorting through and deleting dead directories on the hard drive and scanning/deleting registry keys. In addition, there are a very large number of virii out there which target Norton (or Mcaffee, or both) directly, rendering them useless and opening your machine to further malware...
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    Norton : NetSec 2004 ...........not had any problems so far, apart from when it let something through that 'ate' my set up ................
    Apart from that ? it's been easy to set up and monitor.
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    like The Specialist said, both are looking for the same thing, also both are using outdated signiture matching methods. Niether prevent virusis, they just delete them when they are there. Knowing not to be a ****tard and to lock down your box is ore important then which AV to use. a firewall is a better investment, but most AVs come with a software one, so you should be ok no mater which you pick. Just be sure to keep updated.
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