You’ve described it perfectly clear, Vorlin. This is Saudi Arabia! Lots of rules you don’t want to know how to break, because the consequences are, well, hard to imagine. So, for you guys planning to come here in the near future, be ready to discipline yourself thoroughly.

Security was really good. In fact, the best I’ve seen in actual life. I live near the Military Facility here in Riyadh and I feel safe already. All you have to worry about is your personal security (‘Coz some crazy guy could do something really bad, need not to discuss it here anymore). About the security, Police is rounding 24/7. So, help is always a minute away (Western-Style, I guess).

On related issue pertaining security here, especially during the scary time when bombing and kidnapping of mostly Westerners here (sorry for what had happened to the American guy), one factor that led to the capture and ceasing of the Terrorists here was the help of Information Technology itself. Those bad people trying to post the update of their terrorist activities in their so-called WEBSITE, well, I’ve read the news about them being traced because of Internet also. The good guys actually traced them by means of their dial-up number (Through the ISP). It’s very cool analyzing the facts that everything is traceable. Even read some threads here about IRC networks being very helpful in tracing bad activities in the net. So, for you hackers out there, STOP BREAKING THE LAW!

Well, just a thought… At least security is always important in everyday life. They are learning much now about MODERN way of solving crimes while retaining what we call “TRADITIONS”. Maintaining security is the biggest challenge to the Kingdom nowadays, as well as for the whole world.

You’ve got a pretty good story here, Vorlin, a SA experience even I could never forget.