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Thread: AO van?

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    AO van?

    OK, so the other day, I was eating breakfast (nachos with ketchup, which I recommend the other day) and I happened to look out the window. Doing so, I noticed something very strange at my neighbor's house. Now, there's a lot of strange things at my neighbor's house, not limited to the fact that they dry their laundry by dropping it out of the second story window onto the garage roof. It has always seemed to me that the clothes would get dirty immediately, and it may explain why the two kids there always appear somewhat grimy. But that's not the point. The point is that they had one of those large vans in their driveway. You know the type - it was the kind of van a plumber will generally drive. And on the van was the word "AntiOnline."

    I haven't been on this site in a long time, for various reasons, so it seems possible, though unlikely, that something van-related might have happened. Maybe a contest or promotional event? But I can find no mention of an AO van anywhere on the site, and I don't see why my neighbors in suburban Pennsylvania would warrant receiving a visit from one. Does anyone who's in on this know what's going on?
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    Was it a big sticker or a small logo sticker ? Maybe they bought a bumper sticker in the Ao Store ?
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    Originally posted here by 妯py展ght
    Was it a big sticker or a small logo sticker ? Maybe they bought a bumper sticker in the Ao Store ?
    AO store? Did I miss something?

    Nevermind I found it on Google.. That stuff's pretty expensive..

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    I'm sure the specialist wears those antionline shirts all the time ...

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    Actually I do get alot of shits but I usually get those free shirts they pass out at work just to remind you of how worthless you are and I've got alot of shirts from conferences, considering the price there its the same as buying things off of cafepress really.

    Oh yeah, that was me and my van. I have puppies and candy in the van so shut up and get in.

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