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Thread: Open Letter to the AO Boys Club

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    Angry Open Letter to the AO Boys Club

    i don't know about you, but I do have much better things to do with my life. so i am bailing out and spilling the beans.

    i frequest just about every info. sec. forum out there. and i once stumbled on a post that read something lik this, "AO: antionline - a once great site that has gone to the dogs".

    I thought it an odd post since i had been visiting AO for a while, and didn't think much of it at the time. now, i finally understand. so this is my parting gift to you. but, i doubt any of you will give a flying hoot becuase you are too consumed with your own oversized egos and delusions of you own greatness. i am also fully aware, it's next to impossible to convince someone to change their attitide by using a keyboard and the english language. however, lets us not forget, if you were really are great as you think you are, you would be way too busy to be hanging around a public forum frequented by script kiddies hoping to get a free dog bone thrown their way.

    my gift to you all in my private messaging correspondence with Egaladeist who seems to be a soild fellow. take from it what you will. i think it sums up my activities on here over the last few weeks.


    Message from Egaladeist:

    Egaladeist wrote on Today 09:44 PM:
    Jebo...or whatever your name is...I don't know where you come from but where I come from...if you ain't got the balls to say something to a man himself then STFU...the trash-talk you spewed on Tiger Shark behind his back on a freakin' website shows me you aren't much of a man at all...just a punk kid with no balls to back it up.

    You got something to a ****in' man and say it to him not behind his back like a ****in' nancy-boy.


    Jebo wrote:

    you are one real mean fightin' machine typing away on your keyboard in your underwear. lets not pretend this is anything more than what it really is.

    tiger is a great info. sec. guy - but for a guy that ranks so high around here - he sure did act childish and in my opinion - trollish! on any other forum he would have been reprimanded by peers & mods. here, the boys club backs him up!

    his behaviour on this particular forum and the features it offers is inexcusable. if someones activity on AO bothers you - you just have to click the ignore button and be on your merry way. any mature person, especially someone with such high ranking as tiger, would know that very well.

    imho, the troll game is played by two people. and i have flamed against some of the worst trolls on usenet - so i picked up a trick or two along the way.

    all your egos are getting out of control. it's just a stupid public forum for christs sake.

    one last thing. either ban or start ignoring the "Jebo" handle - but don't act like a bunch of teenagers and gang up on one person. you should all know better. you get treated they way you treat others. so grow up!

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    either ban or start ignoring the "Jebo" handle
    Sorry... Couldn't find the ignore button...

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