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Thread: Rootkit detectors for Windows? (other than RRevealer)

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    Rootkit detectors for Windows? (other than RRevealer)

    Are there any other rootkit detectors for Windows other than Rootkit Revealer by SysInternals?

    I'm interested if anyone has used any of these other tools (assuming they exist).

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    Hey Hey,

    You can find quite the read on Rootkit Detection @

    There was also a thread posted here in the past. If I can find it, I'll post the link

    If you want to do some reading there's a decent looking page on the Microsoft site on the MSR Strider Project -

    There's also a nice piece of software called VICE that you can obtain from You'll have to register but then it's available under downloads.


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    F-Secure's Blacklight is a new one at the beta stage. You can download it and give it a run. I didn't find any on my machine with it but then again I wasn't infected.
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