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Thread: UNA antivirus?

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    UNA antivirus?

    Somebody knows UNA antivirus????? I want know is it good or not?

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    I don't really care what brand of AV to install, the most important thing is to keep it updated...
    Try to use some popular AVs like, Norton, Macffe or Trend Micro.. Remember whatever your AV is Keep it UPDATED....

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    Sounds like a massive SPAM campaign..

    first 10 hits on Google turnedup an almost identical question on other boards..

    Tell me plz about UNA anitvirus( Somebody test it????
    it did receive a thumbs down here:

    based on the forum spamming.. and a crap organised one at that.. as well as the poor langguage on the website, not to mention the reviews given:
    the "undies rating" 0 out of 5 (don't waste your time testing)

    Take that back to UNA .. and have them advertise their product in a more suitable manor next time.
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