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Thread: sendmail wont send my messages

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    sendmail wont send my messages

    i've just set up a php message board on my linux server and i'm using sendmail to send out the activation emails. the problem i'm having is that i used to use this free smtp server(searched "free smtp" on google and dled the first thing that came up) to host this board on my windows box. well, i'd always set php to use the admin email of, had * forwarded to my private email, and everything went fine. now, though sendmail checks to see that is a real email and wont send it. how do i turn this off? i really dont feel like using my private email or some bs email for this, is much more impressive and stuff to the users

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    I think we need a little more information:

    - What has changed between the software working and the software not working? (i.e. upgrading php versions...?)
    - Did you write the php scripts to send? If not, who did or where is the code from? Are you able to post it?
    - Also, how do you know that sendmail is checking if it is an actual address?

    Sounds like a configuration item has changed in the meantime, and you either did it by accident (by doing something else), or someone else did it and didn't tell you so.

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    The problem might have two causes: Either your mail-server does not relay the
    email, or you have to configure your message board more properly. For the latter
    you would have to read the documentation, for the first I can give you some
    general information:

    First, either you try to use sendmail to send mails using the php mail()[1] command,
    OR you install a mail server. The sendmail approach is used on *nix based systems.
    On windows based system, a mail server listening on port 25 is required.

    Second, mail servers need an authentication or have to be configured to relay mails
    coming from localhost. It should NOT act as an open relay.

    Have a look at the discussion on this thread[2]. I would try to check your mail-server
    installation first, then troubleshoot using the php message board settings.


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    wups! looks like my mail forward just took a while to kick in... problem solved

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