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Thread: How/what do I do...

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    How/what do I do...

    What should I do to get better at programming? How should I go about it? What should I program? (I got C++) What should I do to get better?
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    Can you create a program in C++ now or are you looking for ways to improve your coding skils?

    Getting better in any language is easy. You just need to practice it a lot. I mean write as much programs as you can. When you don't know what to program anymore look at the stuff you've already made and see if you can improve them. There are usualy different ways to tackle the same problem. Explore them. Then try to think up new ways. It may take some time but you'll notice your coding skils will increase steadily.
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    I am new to programming too, This link might quench your thirst....
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    I recommend courses. I seem to learn a lot better from courses than from myself. Check to see if your school offers any computer science or programming courses. Good luck.

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    I'll second the recommendation to take actual programming classes. I think it forces you to do the work and to do it properly. It keeps you from only doing the easy stuff. There is no substitute for somone showing you one way to code something...then writing it again using more efficient coding...then writing it again in an even more efficient manner.

    Being held accountable (in a class) forces you to learn the parts that take more time than 10 minutes. Another good reason to take classes in computer science and programming is that you get a solid foundation...with beginning classes that teach algorithm and design concepts, you get a deeper understanding than just copying code from a Sams book.

    Plus, in the end, assuming you do have something to prove to potential employers that you know something...other than a few Sams books.

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    I very much agree that, the only way to get better at programming is to program, but I have a bit of a different view on courses. I think heretic hit the nail on the head. It is based on the persons learning style. I for one learn better when I teach myself something. Courses just force me to do stuff I find boring, and I just BS through the assignments.

    When I do assignments I like, I do them well. Because, I choose the assignment, and I get to have fun with it.

    My personal recommendation is, don't worry about getting better. You will get better if you program. Look for something you have heard or seen someone else do, and then try to code that. Or get the source of it, and see if you can make it better.

    So, stop worrying about getting better, and just code. You will get better with time.

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