I have a question that may be a no brainer, but I have to ask it.
I have found some very unfavorable cookies on one of our home PC's. I didn't have it protected as far as family content goes and certainly have my regrets about that.
My husband and I have questioned the family and naturally no one knows anything. My question is this....is it possible for things to be put on the computer from a remote location? we do have a wireless network, and I know that cookies can come from popups etc (although I have never seen popups like these ) Also, you know the thing that remembers what you have entered into search engines etc....I can't remember what it's called. It usually sets up when you first set up Windows. Anyway, I found some things in a search engine as well. Someone had to have typed those in as searches, right? Everything points to one person in particular, but we can't get a confession. This person swears they didn't look at anything like that. Do I believe it? I'd love to hear that there is a way for this all to happen without touching the keyboard, but am having a hard time with that. Any input out there?


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