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Thread: Fav 802.11b/g PCMCIA card? use for security purposes

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    Fav 802.11b/g PCMCIA card? use for security purposes

    I need to replace my 802.11b PCMCIA card (Orinoco) with a new one and was wondering what you all use out there. My primary purpose of this card is to detect rogue access points and other security purposes. Also, I would like one with a external antennae connector since I have a yagi antennae but it's not a requirement.

    Anyone have some fav cards?
    Thanks in advance.

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    If you're only use is detecting B/G signals, the SMC2532W-B is what we use for several reasons. The biggest is that it is one of the only highpower cards on the market, and will pick up many more signals than most cards. It has an external antenna port, so with your yagi you'll pick up a LOT more signals.

    We use this card for all of our compliance audits for various financial institutions. It won't connect to 11g signals, but it will DETECT them, so it works fine there. We have separate cards for A detection, because of technical restrictions with the 11a protocol and the ability to have external antennas. Otherwise, we would prefer a combo card.

    c|net has a favorable review of the card here:

    This card, the external antenna, a Garmin eTrex, Kismet, and GPSDrive makes for a powerful, accurate detection rig.

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    Plus, it's cool the way the 'integrated' antenna disconnects so you can plug in the external antenna...
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    Same connectors as the SMC (including the snap off antenna) but more power.

    If you like the Hermes chipset (Orinoco Gold/Silver) and want to stay within that family then consider:

    It gets rid of that flimsy MC antenna connector type and replaces it with a more sturdy RP-SMA connector.

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    I know is this...
    "WEP cracking requires a wireless card working in "monitor mode". In this mode the card can capture packets at the 802.11 layer where some required parameters reside. Not all adapters support "monitor mode" but some of them do: cards based on Prism/2 chipset, some Cisco Aironet and some Orinoco based cards can be put into monitor mode"
    That is taken right from Cain's help

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    Originally posted here by zencoder
    This card, the external antenna, a Garmin eTrex, Kismet, and GPSDrive makes for a powerful, accurate detection rig. budget-strapped-bank-account is very very jealous of your rig! (will have all but the Garmin though)

    Thanks for the good info zen, will go pick me up one of these.

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