More BAD NEWS for Symbian OS

Trojan horse takes down smart phones
By Richard Shim, CNET
Published on ZDNet News: April 6, 2005, 5:10 PM PT
A Trojan horse has been created that causes smart phones to crash, security software maker F-Secure has warned.
The Finnish company posted details of the Trojan horse, which they've named Fontal.A, on Wednesday. Fontal.A affects Nokia Series 60 handsets running the Symbian operating system. The advisory did not say whether any infections had been reported…
…Fontal.A does not propagate over Bluetooth wireless networking connections or Multimedia Message Service, which is a mobile technology for sending text messages that can also include images, audio or video. Instead, it is distributed via file-sharing or IRC (Internet relay chat).
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Fontal.A tries to install a corrupted file, called "Kill Saddam By OID500.sis," into the infected device, causing it to fail at the next reboot, F-Secure said. If the handset is rebooted, it gets stuck and can't be used until it is disinfected.
- If only users know how to re-format the mobile in-case they cannot solve the problem, also there is a safe-mode in Symbian Mobile, maybe it can temporarily solve the boot failure. I have done it before in solving conflicts with my phone wherein SW that I tried corrupts my phone and seems to be useless. While this is not the real solution, it could at least help in temporarily solving the problem.

Ow, I never tried IRC via my Mobile. I never actually tried MMS and other data services yet. At least mine is safe for now.